Solar street lamp installation error solutions

2020-12-14 389

Along with the construction of new countryside, more and more solar street lamps have replaced the traditional urban circuit lamps. In the process of installation, many solar LED street lamp manufacturers did not bring specific device guidance to customers. Many customers installed solar street lamps according to the traditional method, resulting in the problem that the solar street lamps do not emit light after installation, or the lighting time is short at night. If you don't pay attention to some important details in the installation process, it will naturally lead to the failure of solar street lamp. The following solar LED street lamp manufacturers summed up several solar street lamp device fault solutions.

1. There are too many obstacles on the top of solar street lamps

Because the solar street lamp is photovoltaic effect through the top solar panel, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery, and there are too many barriers on the top, which affect the solar panel's absorption and use of light energy, leading to the decline of charging efficiency.

Solution: before installing the solar street lamp, try to keep away from the obstruction. If it can't be prevented, make sure there is no obstruction in the south direction of the solar street lamp. Try to keep the lighting time for at least 6 hours on sunny days.


2. Solar panel orientation fault

The wrong orientation will cause the solar panels to be unable to absorb sunlight for charging.

Solution: confirm the direction of solar street lamp before installation, and then confirm the direction of solar panel.

3. There are other light sources around the solar street lamp

Now the solar street lamp basically adopts the intelligent solar controller controlled by microcomputer. It can sense the intensity of the light and whether the day is bright, and actively adjust the lighting time throughout the year. If there are other light sources in the vicinity of the battery panel, it will lead to light control failure, and the solar street lamp can not be on normally.

Solution: before installation, keep away from light source as far as possible to avoid disturbance. If it has been installed, the adjacent light source of the solar street lamp cannot be removed, and the controller can be set to the time control mode.

Source: solar street lamp in New Countryside

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