After receiving the user's maintenance call, the information will be fed back to the person in charge of the after-sales service department within a relatively short time, and then the information will be fed back to the deputy general manager in charge of sales. The deputy general manager will call the sales manager and the technical director to conduct product maintenance analysis and research, and determine the maintenance plan. Then the sales department and the technical department contact the installation, finance, materials, quality inspection and other departments to implement the procurement, processing and acceptance of maintenance materials, and then the after-sales service department will send technicians to provide on-site service in a short period of time until the fault is eliminated.

一、 After sales service quality content

1. Warranty: the company promises that under normal use conditions, the quality warranty period is 2 years from the date of installation and trial. Free maintenance or replacement during the warranty period. If the light source of the same type is not replaced by the same type of light source, the lamp can not be replaced by the same type of accessories within 24 hours without the company's approval. If we can't repair or provide substitute products in time, we will deduct 1000 yuan / time from the quality assurance deposit. The damage caused by natural disasters and human factors is not covered by the warranty.

2. Repair report: the company promises that the response time for repair is 1 hour, and arrive at the maintenance site within 48 hours, and implement continuous work on the maintenance site until the fault is completely eliminated. If it can not be repaired in a short time, it is necessary to replace the spare parts for the purchasing unit to ensure the normal use of street lamps.  

3. Equipment acceptance: the company promises that the equipment and materials provided must be accepted by the user. If any quality problems (such as non-compliance with technical requirements, appearance damage, etc.) are found, they shall be replaced with the same type of equipment within the time specified by the user to ensure the quality of the goods.

4. Spare parts commitment: within the design life cycle of the equipment, the company guarantees that the user will replace the original genuine parts to ensure the normal use of the equipment.

5. Technical training: after signing the project contract and before the end of supply, our company will send relevant technical personnel to give free training to the operation and use workers of the user unit by the time agreed by both parties. The training contents include: the introduction of the specific manufacturing process of lamp poles and lamps, the introduction of construction organization design scheme, the introduction of specific installation methods of lamp poles and lamps, and the use and maintenance methods of lighting lamps Introduction, etc. The purpose of the training is to let the user understand the production process, installation method and daily maintenance method of the lighting lamps, so as to ensure the service life of the lighting products.

 6. Charge commitment: free replacement and maintenance within the warranty period. After the warranty period, only the cost of replacement parts will be charged, and no maintenance fee will be charged.

 7. Other services: we promise to provide you with technical guidance and consultation free of charge.

二、 If our company wins the bid, we will provide the following preferential conditions on the premise of serving users wholeheartedly: 

1. We will provide you with 2% of the light source appliances (metal halide bulb, ballast, trigger) free of charge.

2. Hardware accessories and porcelain lamp caps will be provided to you free of charge according to the proportion of 5% of the goods supplied.

3. Spare parts are sold at factory price for a long time beyond the warranty period.

Production process:

一、Lamp post

1.1 Lamp post

In the whole cutting process, automatic plasma cutting with digital probe is adopted. The incision is fine and the cutting seam is less than 1 mm, which creates many favorable conditions for the follow-up process.

1.2 Forming

The 12 meter long CNC hydraulic bending machine is adopted, with high control precision, beautiful lamp pole forming, roundness no more than 1 mm, smooth appearance, forming more than 12 meters at a time.

1.3 Welding

Adopt numerical control automatic necking machine for welding. This equipment integrates the functions of closing and welding, and overcomes the influence of traditional spot welding on the integrity of the whole straight weld due to the need of spot welding for closure. The weld is formed once, and the surface is uniform, and the straightness is not more than 2%.

1.4 Plastic

In the whole production process of our factory, it is divided into two shaping. The first time is carried out after the longitudinal seam welding joint of the lamp pole is completed, which is conducive to the correctness of the lamp pole assembly welding and the consistency of the appearance of the whole batch of lamp poles; the second time is carried out after galvanizing and before plastic spraying, which is used to eliminate the bending of lamp pole caused by thermal stress caused by hot galvanizing. The straightness of finished lamp pole shall not be greater than 1%, and the total length shall not be greater than 5mm.

1.5 Galvanized

By adopting advanced galvanizing technology, technology and domestic advanced galvanizing equipment, the problems of poor adhesion and short service life of zinc titanium alloy metal are solved, which can only be a physical combination of spraying aluminum and zinc.

Our factory has fundamentally solved the following problems.

(1) SS400 steel plate is used.

(2) Strictly manage the galvanizing process and strictly control the pickling, galvanizing temperature and other technical parameters according to the national standard GB / t13912-92.

(3) Good galvanizing ensures the anticorrosion life of more than 30 years.

1.6 Spray molding

(1) Strictly comply with the requirements of spraying process after galvanizing, and spray technology is applied to the rod body before spraying to increase the adhesion and not damage the hot-dip galvanized layer.

(2) The curing time and temperature should be strictly controlled to ensure that the plastic layer is uniform, smooth and free of pores.

1.7 With door

(1) The distribution door is cut by CNC plasma cutting machine, which has the advantages of high precision and small cutting, and is integrated with the rod body.

(2) The pole door is equipped with grounding device and grounding wire.

二、Lamps and lanterns

2.1 Housing

2.11 ZL102 (gb1173-86) is used as shell material. After entering the factory, sampling inspection of chemical composition and mechanical properties is carried out.

2.12 Molten aluminum

The numerical control combustion furnace is used to heat the aluminum ingot to the melting state, and the temperature is strictly controlled to prevent the damage of aluminum alloy elements.

2.13 900 tons of large die casting machine is used for die casting. Due to the advantages of high pressure, high injection force, high injection speed and good locking force, the equipment can ensure that the molten aluminum has good fluidity in the die, and the product appearance is smooth and dense, without defects such as air hole, slag inclusion and micro crack.

2.14 Finishing, drilling using fine paper to polish the local surface of the product, and complete the relevant drilling, improvement work.

2.15 Surface treatment

Due to the oil stain on the surface of the die-casting product, the heating tank of the special decontamination solution is put into the tank to soak, boil and clean. After several times of soaking and cleaning, the oil and dirt on the internal and external surface of the product are cleaned, and the appearance of the product is slightly glossy.

2.16 Spray molding

Plastic spraying is basically completed on the fully automatic control line. The production line is specially equipped with oxidation drying, powder spraying, curing and cooling devices. Its quality is completely completed by high-quality equipment. The plastic spraying surface is smooth, the plastic layer is even, and the adhesion is high, which guarantees the plastic layer life up to ten years.

2.2 Reflector

It is made of state-owned pure aluminum plate l2m and drawn by special die. The surface is oxidized. It has high hardness, good brightness and ideal light distribution curve.

2.3 Lampshade

5mm thick tempered glass is used for hot pressingIt has the advantages of high strength and light weight.

2.4 Assembling

Module installation mode is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance and use.

2.41 The installation of electrical components is completed on the assembly line and tested by voltage withstand, insulation and lamp test.

2.42 Installation of reflector and lampshade

Glass glue is used to connect the reflector and lampshade to ensure high protection level performance and prevent mosquitoes, dust and water from entering.

2.43 The lamp holder adopts the structure of inner change bubble, which is easy to maintain.

2.5 The lamp body and the surface frame are connected by button climbing.

2.6 Main performance parameters of lamps and lanterns

2.61 The lamp body and cover are made of aluminum alloy.

2.62 The lamp cover is made of polycarbonate, which has the characteristics of high strength and good transparency.

2.63 The lamp adopts the structure of inner changing bubble and high purity anodized aluminum plate stretching reflector.

2.64 The stainless steel fastener detaches, the stainless steel strut support, makes the installation and maintenance more convenient.

2.65 Complete set of stainless steel fasteners.

2.66 Protection grade: IP65.

2.67 Light source: 150w-250w high pressure sodium lamp.

2.68 Rated voltage and frequency220V±10%/50HZ.

2.69 Installation pipe diameterφ60-φ76.