Why can't solar street lamps be popularized in urban roads?

2020-12-14 402

Solar street lamp uses solar energy as the power supply to provide road lighting at night. The lamp pole and battery module are designed as a whole, with wind resistance ability. The intelligent charging and discharging and microcomputer light and time control skills are used in the interior. Solar street lamp is designed with lighting source, high brightness, simple installation, stable and reliable operation, no cable laying, no consumption of conventional energy and long service life. It is mainly used for lighting of urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park green belts and other places.

Solar streetlights are favored by villages in modern life because of their green and environmental advantages. However, we find that solar street lamps are used more frequently in villages. However, in some cities, solar street lamps have become "rare goods", and we seldom find them. Since it has so many advantages, why can the solar street lamp be seen everywhere in the village and so few in the city? Trust many friends have such a question, the following solar street lamp manufacturers for us to solve this question.

1. Solar energy is unstable power. If there are more cloudy and rainy days, the power supply of street lamps cannot be guaranteed. And the city street lamp needs stable lighting.

Solar street lamp lighting is to meet the requirements of the sun can be charged to normal lighting, but in the city is very difficult to ensure the reliability, continuity and stability of solar street lamp power supply capacity, it is very simple that the solar street lamp is sometimes on and sometimes not on. When this happens, the city is dark, and scientists have shown that when the city is dark, the crime rate will increase.

2. Solar streetlights rely on solar panels to absorb sunlight for photovoltaic effect. However, there are many tall buildings and big trees in the city, which will shade some solar panels and reduce the power generation of solar street lamps.


Solar street lamp is not very suitable for the use of urban road. Because some areas of the city road is to carry out greening, and greening is the cultivation of huge green trees, especially in the southern climate, these trees are growing very fast, as long as the demand of 3-5 years can grow very high, the use of solar street lights is not appropriate.

Why not? Because these trees are likely to block the normal use of solar streetlights, the solar light required for normal use, we also know that the normal use of solar streetlights is because it relies on the sun, the power stored in the battery is converted to electric energy use, in the city, the operation is simple, affected by trees, can not normally power the solar street lamp.

3. The height of street lamps on both sides of the urban road is much higher than that of solar street lamps in villages, which also requires better illumination. Therefore, it is necessary to select high-power street lamp holders. As a result, it is necessary to have high-power street lamps, and the size of solar panels is large. However, the solar panels on a street lamp pole cannot be installed too much, so the illuminance of street lamp holders will be affected.

4. Many LED street lamp heads used in solar street lamp are far away from high pressure sodium lamp in color temperature and divergence.

The characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection of solar street lamps are just in line with the requirements of urban construction. The use of solar street lamps can recycle power, reduce the consumption and pollution of power, and give people a convenient living environment. Therefore, it is necessary to use solar street lamp in urban construction. But now many cities choose solar street lamp blindly, because the unreasonable layout makes solar street lamp become a pavement. We are vigorously developing solar street lamps, it is necessary to consider a variety of factors.

It can be seen that although solar street lamp is a good thing, it also has limitations. Solar streetlights are rarely seen in cities. It's not that solar streetlights are bad. It is due to various conditions. Trust with the continuous progress of production skills, solar street lamp manufacturers continue to research and improve, the above problems of trust will be dealt with in the future.

Source: solar street lamp in New Countryside http://www.gd1q.com

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