The reason why solar street lamp is popular in New Countryside

2020-12-14 401

Rural solar street lamp technology development is more and more mature, so along with the price of solar street lamp is getting cheaper, and the price of lithium battery solar street lamp is also very civilian. There are many advantages in choosing lithium battery solar street lamps in new rural areas. Let's take a look at them:

1. What is clear is that the installation of rural lithium battery solar street lamp is very simple, it can be directly hung on the pole, and the tedious digging and wiring procedures are gone.

2. Lithium battery does not contain harmful substances, which has a certain effect on environmental protection.


3. Long service life, longer than lead-acid and gel batteries. The cycle life of lithium battery can reach more than 300 cycles, and the utilization rate of solar street lamp shallow cycle system can reach 2000 times, which is more than two times longer than that of gel battery.

4. Lithium battery is safe to use, light in weight, and convenient for construction.

Source: solar street lamp in New Countryside

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