What are the benefits of installing solar street lamps in new rural areas?

2020-12-14 367

As we all know, rural areas have always been economically underdeveloped areas, and coincide with the transformation of new rural areas. The choice of rural solar street lamps is still relatively tangled. The following small series will tell you about the advantages of rural solar street lamps compared with general street lamps, and why we should choose rural solar street lamps.

Rural solar street lamp is mainly composed of solar panel, LED light source, solar controller and waterproof battery. The brightness of rural solar street lamp is twice of that of general street lamp, and it also extends the service life of battery and reduces the application cost of rural solar street lamp. In addition, solar street lamps in rural areas have the following advantages:

1. The installation is convenient and fast, without complicated lines, only a cement base is needed to fix it;

2. One time investment, no protection cost, no need to pay electricity fee, can guarantee long-term income;

3. The rural solar street lamp should use DC power lower than 36V;

4. The battery panel of rural solar street lamp can be used for 25 years, the service life of LED light source can reach 50000 hours, and its battery can be used for 5-7 years;


5. The rural solar street lamp has the characteristics of green and environmental protection, which meets the requirements of modern national environmental protection.

6. The investment of rural solar street lamp is relatively large in the early stage, but the protection management cost is low and the failure rate is small in the later stage.

There is no standard pricing of solar street lamps in rural areas, which is mainly determined according to the specific needs of equipment. In addition, the price of rural solar street lamps is mainly composed of light source lamps, LED power supply and lamp poles. In other words, the factors that determine the price of rural solar street lamps mainly include the following aspects:

1. The size and size of lamps and lanterns;

2. The network speed and brand of the light source;

3. The brand and wattage of LED power supply;

4. The height, material and thickness of lamp pole.

Source: solar street lamp in New Countryside http://www.gd1q.com

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